A Whole New World – BIG Update comes to Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem


A Whole New World – BIG Update comes to Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem just released it’s biggest update that seems to have completely overhauled the game world. A lot of features during early alpha testing were there as placeholders, and have been replaced since, but I didn’t expect the world itself to be replaced! The result is a much more interesting and lively world filled with detail that comes alive the way a convincing game world should. Here is the post from the developers and what they have to say about the update.

“Hi everyone!

Update 0.5 is finally here! It may have taken a few late nights, but the team pulled it off and we are very excited to reveal our new world map and questline!

The new world map is much bigger and denser than the old one, and yet only represent less than a quarter of the final version of map! There’s new environments to explore, new monsters to kill, and other surprises!

3 new randomly generated dungeon architecture have been added, which adds more variety to dungeon layouts. The new questline covers most of Act1 of the game, and will give you a preview of the lore and story of Wolcen. We will periodically add more content to Act 1, including side quests, treasure and optional bosses.

You can now listen to the Main Theme of the game while in the main menu. This will give you a glimpse of the new original soundtrack being composed for Wolcen.

A fog-of-war now hides parts of the minimap that haven’t been explored yet. This will further help with orientation in dungeons. All minimap icons have been redone and new icons have been added too.

We are aware that there might be some performance issues, and optimization will be a big focus for the next updates.

You can get the game at a discount during the Steam summer sale. Now is the perfect time to jump in!

There’s a lot more detail in the update’s changelog, so peruse at your leisure! Have fun!” – Wolcen Devs

Check out the full details, as well as the development roadmap links below and keep your eyes here on and my YouTube channel for more on Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem!

Alpha 0.5 Details http://steamcommunity.com/games/424370/announcements/detail/1336855736853288974

Wolcen’s Roadmap[trello.com]
Wolcen’s Feedback tracker[trello.com]
Wolcen’s Official Website[wolcengame.com]
Wolcen’s Official Facebook Page
Wolcen’s Twitter page
Wolcen’s FAQ
Help us us fix crashes here

Community websites:
German Fan Site : http://www.wolcen-game.de/
French Fan Site : Wolcen France[www.wolcen-france.com]


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