Announcements of Announcments for Path of Exile Coming Soon!


Announcements of Announcments for Path of Exile Coming Soon!

Grinding Gear Games has been working hard on not just new content that we’ve seen, but a lot of new content and big changes to Path of Exile that has yet to be seen. It’s no secret that they have been talking about big changes to class balancing, removal of Cruel difficulty, and we’re also aware that there is a XBox version in the works. Is there more? It sounds like it with this post that just came out about an hour ago saying…

“We’re holding a press tour on the week of February 6-10. During this week, we’re going to show dozens of media outlets an exclusive look at the upcoming content that we have been working on. So far our press schedule is the busiest it has ever been, as Path of Exile is more popular than it has ever been before.

With the help of these journalists, we will announce our long-awaited 3.0.0 expansion on Tuesday, February 14 (US time). Two days later, on Thursday the 16th, we will announce full details of our upcoming 2.6.0 challenge league, which will begin on Friday March 3 (US time). The release date of 3.0.0 is currently not decided, but it’s likely that the Beta will start at some stage during the second half of the 2.6.0 challenge league.

We’ve been working on this 3.0.0 content since we released The Awakening in 2015 and are really looking forward to sharing it with you” – Grinding Gear Games

3.0 is a big deal for Path of Exile, no doubt. And I have to suspect that the incredibly slow updating of Diablo 3 has to do with Path of Exile and the statement made that it’s “more popular than ever”. What do you think? Has Blizzards lack of support forced more ARPG and Diablo fans to seek entertainment more in the hands of Grinding Gear Games and their barrage of free content updates in Path of Exile? I’m inclined to think so. And if Grinding Gear Games is successful in delivering a massive update that pleases fans, then Blizzard may have an even harder time bringing back in Diablo fans when they do finally come out with updates to Diablo 3.

Personally, I rather despise the Path of Exile Vs Diablo 3 debates since I really enjoy both games. But I can’t argue that Blizzard is losing active players and slowing killing Diablo 3 with small, infrequent updates compared to the content that Path of Exile has been getting for the past few years. I hope Blizzard learns not just from Path of Exile’s success, but also from the modern development and monetization trends that have made many free-to-play games successful. With Hearthstone and Overwatch, they probably have and I fully expect Diablo 4 to go a similar route.

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