Grim Dawn Expansion “Common” Armor Preview


Grim Dawn Expansion “Common” Armor Preview

Grim Dawn talks more about expansion and a quick look at new armor this week on the official forums. I’ve been getting deeper into the core game over the past few weeks while also keeping an eye on the news for the expansion they have in development. This single picture is actually a really nice preview in itself. I’m glad to see more armor sets that get away from the abundance of steampunk like design and more into medieval or royal army looking designs.

Here’s what Crate Entertainment had to say this week about the expansion they’re making:

“Work on patch v1.0.0.7 and Grim Dawn’s expansion is moving along every day and the time has come to give you another peek under the hood at what’s coming up in the future!

ARPGs thrive on the loot hunt. With over 700 unique items, 55 item sets and over 100 Monster Infrequents, Grim Dawn is certainly not lacking in loot; and the expansion aims to be no exception. Bountiful loot (and dangers) awaits you in the next chapter of Grim Dawn’s story of survival and struggle against the conquerors of Cairn. And at the core of the loot hunt are the common items, which in turn form the base of the Magic and Rare (and the coveted double Rare) items in the game.

Common armor is an important first step as it provides us with a baseline to create other items around. From here will come the hundreds of new unique items and monster infrequents, all to deck out your existing characters (or perhaps some new class combinations…) in style.

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 11/07/2016 for the next Grim Misadventure.” – Grim Dawn Forums

The developers seem dedicated to bringing regular updates on their progress so I’ll keep a close eye open for it and report back here as well on And more videos of the core game and expansion when it releases on my YouTube channel!

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