Grim Dawn New Expansion Feature: Illusionist!


Grim Dawn New Expansion Feature: Illusionist!

Grim Dawn has given exactly what we were all hoping would come in the future expansion, an Illusionist, or as many call it who play WoW or Diablo 3, a transmog feature! Details are as follows from Zentai senpai on the official forums with my impressions at the bottom. 🙂


“Welcome to Grim Misadventures, the number one source of the latest leaks and peeks into Grim Dawn’s development.

First, a word on the upcoming Hotfix for V1.0.0.8. This hotfix does include some code changes that require more extensive testing, and so it has not arrived in the typical posthaste fashion. In addition to bug fixes, the hotfix will also include some balance tuning based on how shook out. Stay tuned in the coming weeks.

Now as to expansion news, we’ve hinted last week that this GM is going to be a big one, and we intend to deliver. The last big one we had involved a certain Inquisitor mastery, so you know we’re not kidding around. While the second mastery coming with the expansion remains a mystery to this day, there are other exciting aspects to the expansion that we’ve yet to unveil…until now.

Today, we are ready to unveil the expansion’s major new tech feature. Are you ready for this?

Any guesses?

Last chance!

We are pleased to announce that a new Service NPC is coming to Grim Dawn with the upcoming expansion: the Illusionist!

Now, what does an Illusionist do exactly? Why, for a modest fee, the Illusionist will transform your gear to look like any other item of the same category! A little coating of illusionist dust will do just the trick.

Using proprietary Illusionist mind-meld technology, any item you discover will automatically have its appearance stored. In fact, the first time you launch the expansion, every item you have in your inventory and stash will be automatically added to start your collection. That’s a lot of different looks!

To facilitate your soon to be growing collection, we have created a brand new UI that stores and previews all of your appearances, accessible at any Illusionist.

[Illusionist FAQ]

When can I start using the Illusionist?
As soon as you launch the expansion, new visitors to Devil’s Crossing and Fort Ikon will become available to you immediately. You will also encounter other Illusionists in expansion areas.

Their services are not restricted by level, though item level requirements are still respected. What this means is that a level 1 character may not use the appearance of a level 75 Legendary. Common quality items (exception: medals) do not have level requirements, so you can start using those right away!

How much do Illusionists charge for their services?
Illusionists do not work for free, but for a meager sum of Iron Bits, they will happily perform their services. The cost to apply an illusion scales with the character’s level.

Restoring an item to its original appearance is always free.

Are there any restrictions?
Weapons are restricted to the same animation category. What this means is that you cannot make a one-handed sword look like a two-handed axe, nor can you make a gun look like a mace or a shield look like a tome.

There are no restrictions on armor. If you want your tanky heavily armored soldier to wear caster robes, go nuts!

Whenever an item has an Illusion applied, it becomes Untradeable (it can still be placed in the Transfer Stash, but it cannot be given to other players). Restoring an item to its original appearance removes this restriction.

How does the Appearance Collection work across characters?
All of your characters share the same collection. If one character finds a new appearance, all of your characters automatically gain access to it.

This exciting new feature opens up huge opportunities to customize your character’s look, and we can’t wait to see what the community comes up with. To get your mental gears moving, here are some combinations that we’ve come up with:

Which one is your favorite? Any ideas already spawning in your head?

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 03/06/2017 for our next development update” – Grim Dawn

Wow! Like I said, exactly what many of us were hoping for. Having a feature like this is perfect for Grim Dawn because quite honestly, a lot of the gear is pretty ugly, right? Ugly on purpose of course, but even uglier when you don’t have a complete set like the ones seen above and you’re mixing up so many different pieces and styles.

Also very note worthy is the screenshot taken showing the players character near the Illusionist and the environment they’re in! A thick jungle setting is pretty exciting and is a welcome new biome for adventuring in Grim Dawn.

And in regard to ” the hotfix will also include some balance tuning based on how shook out. ” I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about this. I mean, it can’t get worse for the ones who took a hit from the nerf bat, can it? Does Crate plan to hit another build style that has risen strong in the wake of the changes? Or will they reverse on some of their changes that have received critical feedback in response to the recent balance changes? We’ll find out maybe before March, or soon after the month comes.

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