Guardians of Ember: Beta Date, Iron Man Mode, and Housing Demo Details


Guardians of Ember: Beta Date, Iron Man Mode, and Housing Demo Details

A few notable pieces of news have come out recently for Guardians of Ember, a hack and slash ARPG made in Taiwan that is now being localized for the west. According to the official Guardians of Ember Facebook page, the first closed beta test will begin October 20th for IndieGoGo backers and will last approximately one week. There will also be a week early access to the game prior to it’s main launch on Steam later this year.

Guardians of Ember also is celebrating reaching it’s IndieGoGo Iron Man stretch goal. The Iron Man mode is an optional hardcore mode you can activate for your character in the game that challenges players to complete a certain amount of achievements without dying even once. Upon death, you will permanently lose the Iron Man buff, but can keep and continue progress with your character normally.

Here’s how the developers describe the Iron Man feature:

“The Iron Man feature is a challenge to all the outstanding players worldwide for whom nothing is impossible. The feature can be activated via an item just once while your character is below level five and will enable a special buff until you die in PvE (not PvP!).

The main goal of Iron Man mode is to reach the maximum level possible without dying. Do not forget that the Iron Man mode is the only way to achieve some of the most difficult and most exclusive titles and rewards.

But it is not easy. One of the Guardians of Ember team members accepted the Iron Man challenge but he couldn’t even beat this cute troll. We are sure there is someone out there who is capable of performing far better than this.” – Guardians of Ember

And finally we also got a preview of what the player housing will be like in Guardians of Ember. The video shows a simple layout of house and outside lawn that players can place various decorations and even plant seeds to harvest for later. When asked “Are there bigger house layouts, or expandable?” the developers responded by saying “Yes. Different sizes are available.” And it seems players will also be able to visit each others houses with permission.


All in all, Guardians of Ember is looking pretty interesting and a good time-killer for anyone looking for an ARPG with a big emphasis on online multiplayer gameplay. For more information, check out the official Guardians of Ember Facebook page, and also keep an eye open for more news here at

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