How to Install and Play Original Diablo 1 With HD Mod!


How to Install and Play Original Diablo 1 With HD Mod!

Since the Diablo 20th anniversary celebrations at Blizzcon 2016, there are a lot of people talking about and wanting to play the original Diablo game. What I’d like to do to help my fellow ARPG lovers is give you the instructions on how to get access to the game safely and run it properly for the best experience on your modern PC.

PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! I will NOT be giving techsupport on how to troubleshoot to help you get the game running or fix errors! These are not complicated instructions and if you follow them step by step, you should have no problems.

Furthermore I am not responsible for any trouble you have with the game or your PC if you download and install any of these files or programs and your PC melts for some reason. I’m not responsible if you fail classes because you stayed up too late and didn’t do your homework. And I’m definitely not responsible if your girlfriend dumps you because you didn’t answer her calls and I was there to “comfort” her while you were playing Diablo 1! πŸ˜‰

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s get started! Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • The Diablo 1 game
  • Belzebub mod
  • A decent PC to run it on
  • If using ISO, you’ll need a virtual drive software like Daemon Tools or UltraISO

First you’ll need to get the game in either disc format or .iso file. If you don’t know what an iso file is, it’s basically a digital copy of a disc like a mp3 is a digital copy of a song on your computer. Since you’re unlikely to have the disc already, and getting one is also not a good option except huge prices for example on Ebay, you’ll be looking for the iso file. Now I may get hissed at for this and maybe even told to take this information down, but I’ve got a link for you to a Dropbox account (online file storage) where you can safely download the game in iso format.

Simply click on the link here, and it should popup a download window. If for some reason you are taken to the Dropbox website, you don’t need an account and should be able to skip that to go directly to the download the Diablo.7z folder. The .7z folder is essentially a .zip (compression) folder and you can easily open this up with Winrar, 7-Zip, or some other similar program. If you don’t have a zip/unzipping program on your PC, you can download 7-Zip for free here.

After you’ve downloaded the Diablo.7z folder, go to where you downloaded it, right click and choose the option that allows you to extract the contents of the folder somewhere else. It’s just the one .iso file inside. Keep it secret, keep it safe.

Next, let’s download the Belzebub HD mod for Diablo 1. This will also come in a compressed .zip folder. It’s available in about a half dozen languages, it’s a free mod that’s been proven by many players including YouTubers like me to work great, and you can get more info and download the mod from their official site here.

Important Tips! Download the Belzebub folder you want. The default top option that doesn’t specify language should be the default English version called something like “Diablo 1 HD MOD”. As you download or after you download the mod, right click on your PC and create a New Folder somewhere (ex: your desktop or download folder) and name the New Folder something like “Diablo 1 HD”.

Once you have finished downloading the mod, place the folder into your New Folder you created on your PC. Right-click the to extract the contents of the folder into that new folder you just created. We’re doing this for two reasons. One, because there are a lot of files in the folder. If you extract it in a folder with a bunch of other stuff like the pron in your Download folder, you won’t know what the hell is part of the mod and what isn’t probably. And two, treat this folder as if it were the program itself since this contains the .exe file you will launch the game from later!

So far you shouldn’t have installed ANYTHING except for maybe your new zip program maybe you didn’t already have. Another program you may not have, and this one is important to actually run the iso file, is a virtual drive program. Like your digital song in mp3 needs a program to play it, so does an iso file need a virtual drive to run it. If you do not have a program like this, once again I have a link for you to download one for free. It’s called Daemon Tools Lite and you can download it from here. Warning! Because Daemon Tools Lite is free, it may ask you to also install some other crap with it. Choose the “Advanced” option during installation and uncheck the box to install other garbage you don’t want.

Now with Daemon Tools Lite or some other program installed, you’re ready to install the game and start playing! Example: With Daemon Tools Lite open, all you need to do is click, drag and drop the Diablo 1 .iso file on the virtual drive (disc icon at the bottom of Daemon Tools window) and your game is ready to run.


But we won’t start the game from the iso! Instead, go to the folder you created with the HD mod inside, and double-click the Belzebub application icon. It looks like an evil skull! πŸ˜› If you followed these instructions step by step, your PC isn’t a piece of crap, and you don’t touch yourself too much at night, the game should start. Don’t panic about the tiny window! We’ll get the game Fullscreen for you soon! You can press Esc to skip the intro and stuff if you like and go directly to the main menu.

How to get started with your first character in Diablo 1 with Belzebub HD Mod

Select Single Player. Create a New Hero. Choose the class you want to play. This list has been extended thanks to the Belzebub mod πŸ˜‰ Name your character “Kinetic Rocks” or some other appropriate name. When you press enter, you’ll start in town! Note the “Diablo Help” window that popped up. This is useful information so read it! Better yet screenshot it because I still can’t figure out how to get that window to popup again. Maybe I should google it ;>.>

Once you’re done there, hit escape until you reach the Main Menu. From here you will find Video Options to customize your resolution needs for your monitor.

After that and have exited out of the Main Menu back to the game, look for a tiny button on the bottom of your action bar area. Just to the left of your resource globe there’s an arrow button there called “Game Settings” or press the hotkey G. This brings up the settings to customize some very useful features including the god send that is “Town Walk Increase”! I bump it up to atleast 40% so it doesn’t take me a lifetime to walk around town. Also, you’re probably zoomed out like crazy so use your mouse wheel to zoom as far in or out as you want.

Below is how closely I have it zoomed in. This is good imo for proper immersion and feeling of the being in the action! Or zoom out all the way if that’s your thing πŸ˜›



A few more words of advice. Diablo 1 with the Belzebub mod is not easy. Even on Normal difficulty, this game may kick your ass when you encounter special enemies or bosses! Take your time and clear each floor so you get good exp to level up and a chance to find better gear. When you do level up you’ll be able to assign attribute points into Strength, Dexterity, Magic, and Vitality. Regardless of your class, even if you’re melee Warrior, I suggest putting some points into magic for a spell or two. Some of these enemies are hard as hell to kill with melee attacks, will heal themselves if they hit you with vampiric abilities, and make your fight take forever to finish. Magic just might be what you need to make those fights a lot less of a pain in the ass.

To learn new spells, you’ll find books. Scrolls like Scroll of Inferno, are one time use spells and are consumed on use. The books teach you permanently how to cast spells. Each book you find has a Magic attribute point requirement. When you right-click the book, you learn a new level of that spell. So lets say it’s the 2nd time you found the book Charged Bolt. When you right-click the book the 2nd time it will unlock level 2 of the Charged Bolt spell. And of course, the higher level you want to learn the spell, the higher the Magic point requirement.


I think that’s enough hand-holding from me for now. Diablo 1 is a great game made even better with the Belzebub mod! Some of the best fun is exploring and learning how to play the game yourself! If you are reading this and you’ve played Diablo 1 and/or the HD mod, feel free to share your thoughts and tips with other readers in the comment section!

I am thinking of doing a video or two on my YouTube channel as a quick primer to pointing a few more basic things out about the game and the mod. Keep an eye out for those videos! And for more news on ARPGs, keep the other eye here on!



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