Last Batch (For Now) Revelation Online Beta Key Giveaway!


Last Batch (For Now) Revelation Online Beta Key Giveaway!

Below are the last of the Closed Beta Key I have for now for Revelation Online! I’ve given out a few dozen of these now through my Twitter and Facebook pages. This time I wanted to just throw the last of them here on my website as a first come, first serve, social media neutral way of delivering them to you. If all the keys are used up, don’t worry, I’m requesting more to give out in the future so keep an eye out for more posts like these and videos on my YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook pages for more keys and gameplay videos!


  • RO465KEY5NMLD13W




  • RO465KEYP3APW11B

  • RO465KEYFAYI91Q9




Thanks everyone for your support and I hope to see you in Revelation Online!


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