Lost Ark “Must Watch” Video Info Collection


Lost Ark “Must Watch” Video Info Collection

A playlist on my YouTube channel houses all of my Lost Ark videos from the earliest trailers, ramblings, and big info videos. But I thought it would be good to also have a quick post that lists the “Must Watch” for those interested to see the best and most beneficial to watch. If you’re looking for some Lost Ark videos with quality editing and great info, this is the list for you!

So from top to bottom in order to watch, here are the Must Watch videos I think will entertain and inform beginners and enthusiasts alike!

First is the original trailer by the creators of Lost Ark. Of course I didn’t make this, but it’s a great start to getting know what the game offers.


Next up is my Mega Info video for Lost Arks first Closed Beta Test which revealed a ton of info about the games features!


The next two videos are on the same subject of progression in Lost Ark, but broken down into two parts because I didn’t want to melt people’s brains. lol


For those wondering what to expect once they get to max level, this video is both info and a bit of speculation on where the endgame of Lost Ark seems to be heading.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I will of course be covering Lost Ark and many other ARPG and MMOARPG games that are coming out. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel and GamePlayPlus.com for more!

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