Lost Ark News Update and Reactions – July 2017


Lost Ark News Update and Reactions – July 2017

At last! Some news from the developers of Lost Ark! It’s been known that the devs been working hard to make improvements since CBT1 and preparing for a 2nd CBT, summer 2017. And now we finally have info on what’s been going on, what they learned from CBT1, and the kinds of changes that are being made on the road to CBT2. Below is a translation from the Lost Ark Facebook page by Reddit user ParksyJ. This is only part 1 of the translation, and already there’s quite a lot of info here. In between each of the major points, I’ll insert my own reactions to what they’re doing to improve the game.

“Hello adventurers! Have you been well? This is CMLisha (CM리샤).

After the end of the 1st CBT, a lot of you have inquired about the development progress of Lost Ark.

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support for Lost Ark.

We, the team behind Lost Ark have improved upon our shortcomings with the immense amount of feedback and data collected from your contribution in the 1st CBT. Now we are preparing for our next adventure with you guys.

In keeping the development process of Lost Ark internal, I feel that we’ve made you wait for too long.

Therefore, we’ve prepared a lot of answers for your long wait and other questions you may have. We sincerely hope that this alleviates some of your frustration in such a long wait for Lost Ark.

#Heavyhearted.. #Ihadahardtimewaitingtoo;ㅅ; #QQ

I write to you the first letter regarding the development progress so far. Lost Ark, How have you been?

The precious feedback received from the first CBT will be reflected upon as follows!

Through surveys, inquiries, and the forum our adventurers have given us an amazing number of feedback. Following the 1st CBT, a lot of areas have been improved, and we present to you which parts we have especially paid attention to.



[Sense of Combat]

“Character attack animations are awkward.”

“Monster combat and death animations are limited and too simple.”

It can be said that the bread and butter of hack-and-slash games are its satisfaction borne from striking opponents. We believe that satisfaction and eye-catching skill effects are important attributes for our adventurers. With the feedback from the 1st CBT, we are attempting various methods to further improve this.

  • Character movement animations have been improved to be more fluid.

  • Character attack animations have been edited to provide more sense of combat.

  • Monster combat/death animations will respond differently to the varying types of player attacks.

  • Character effects have been improved in order to reflect whether if the player is being attacked.

Kinetic Note – I’m actually quite surprised they’re working to improve the player character animations, when they already looked quite fluid and impressive in the condition we’ve seen them in. As a graduated student in Computer Animation myself, I thought they looked great as is. But since I didn’t get to play the game myself in CBT1, I guess there are some animations that they actual testers found to be lacking.


[Tripod System]

“While it’s fun to change skills through the tripod system, it’s difficult to actually feel the various changes.”

In addition to upgrading skills of every class, the Tripod System plays an important role of enabling various strategies in combat. Therefore, we are in the process of improving the feel of diversity experienced through the Tripod System. I think it will be a good idea to start considering which Tripod you will be choosing for the 2nd CBT.

Kinetic NoteThe Tripod system is one of the core features of the game that holds a lot of value in what makes Lost Ark and exciting ARPG. Getting this right is going to be key in so many areas of the game, so it’s no surprise they want to make sure they make this as great as it can be.

[Change of Questline flow]

“The main quest was satisfying. However, the other quests had similar patterns or were very repetitive, leading to a loss of interest/fun.”

“Some quests felt too long.”

“Random quests were fun. I hope they would be added in more areas.”

To our delight, you have told us that a lot of the stories and cutscenes were memorable. However, we’ve also been told that compared to the main quests, sub-quests were lackluster. Thus, we have analyzed the data of players’ quest progression, and added diverse quests to provide a further exciting experience in leveling your characters.

  • Some sub-quests requiring redundant activities have been removed.

  • ‘Adventure Quests’ containing special episodes have been added for each region.

  • Further diversified ‘Random Quests’, which would pop up at random times and locations have been added.

  • ‘Party Quests’ have been added in order to allow players to work towards the same goal, even in fields.

Kinetic Note – Sub-quests being lackluster I can understand to a point, but I also wonder how much that lackluster feeling is simply because they made the main story quests so awesome and include cutscenes, compared to the sub quests which aren’t meant to be as meaningful and contain no fancy camera action. The Random quests are indeed great and I too am glad they are including more of these as they really help to make an online world come alive with spontaneous events for players to work together on and obtain rewards.



[Improvement of Class Identity]

“The supporting capability of Bard feels too weak. Instead, Bard currently feels like a DPS excelling at killing waves rather than a support.”

“Warlord isn’t really a tanker, and its role in party play is iffy. Warlord needs a patch ASAP.”

With the feedback of the 1st CBT, our primary objective was to balance those classes appearing to be over/underpowered, and clearly defining the identities of each class. In this letter, I am pleased to announce what changes have occurred for Warlord and Bard, who were consistently mentioned in your inquiries.



– Resilient pillar and leader in battle, Warlord –

With high defence and sustain, Warlord is a close-quarter-combat class that leads and protects teammates from the frontlines. With various protective skills for teammates and armed with a new identity, no one shall consider him a mere meatshield anymore.

Warlord Identity Improvement

  • Warlord collects Shield Gauge during combat, becoming able to use Defensive Stance and Protective Stance.

  • Defensive Stance can protect teammates with ease against powerful attacks that would otherwise send them flying.

  • With Protective Stance, you can protect teammates even from powerful AOE attacks of the Guardian Monster, Nakrasena(???).636343292334348885636343292423202287

– Synergy amplifying supporter, Bard –

Previously considered a DPS mage rather than a support, the Bard class has truly become a versatile support with new musical skills and a new Tripod.

Bard Identity Improvement

  • ‘Serenade of Valiance’ replaces the previous ‘Serenade of the Heavens’ by combining party damage buff on top of the AOE healing spell.

You can look forward to a new Bard class, capable of maximizing a party’s synergy through buffs and debuffs.

Kinetic Note – This actually worries me a bit. It sounds to me like the players complaining about the Warlord and Bard are looking for Lost Ark to be a “Holy Trinity” based game in which tanks really tank, and supports really heal a lot. As far as I knew, Lost Ark was going to be a more of a Save Yourself and not a Holy Trinity structure. If they strengthen tank and healer like classes too much, then Lost Ark will become a Holy Trinity game in which tanks and healers will be preferred over other classes for spots in a party. It may even result in the developers changing the way content then works based on tanks and healers.  I’m against this because I’d prefer NOT to have to wait around for tanks and healers, and instead, just go into a dungeon for example with whoever is ready and willing. Leave the Holy Trinity in WoW please and let there be as few rules about party composition as possible from both developer and elitists gamers alike.

[UI improvements]

“UI design feels lacking.”

“Left/Right click for the mouse is confusing.”

“I wish there was a chat bubble”

There was a lot of talk about Lost Ark’s UI quality, as well as its accessibility. We are currently in the process of an interface overhaul, and will continue to do so in the future. We would like to present some improvements in other areas regarding convenience.

  • Through equip presets, you can now instantly equip gear according to the situation. Promptly changing gear is a shortcut to victory!

  • You no longer have to run all the way to Square Hall in order to use it.

  • Left/Right click inversion for the mouse have been added. Control types can be selected when you first start Lost Ark.

  • Chat bubbles will appear on top of players, thus minimizing the chance of others missing what was said.

Kinetic Note – Praise kek! Equipment presets should be in every good rpg imo so this is great to hear. More options is a good thing, as long as they are options. I’d rather not have chat bubbles polluting my screen most of if not all the time so they should be optional.



That marks the end of the reddit translation. The following was borrowed from MMOCulture and Steparu about the new playable classes being prepped for CBT2


New Playable Jobs




-Wields a powerful and heavy Gravity Hammer.
-Does very strong and powerful attacks that can overwhelm enemies.
-Getting caught by a Destroyer’s attack is very deadly and can send you flying.
-Sacrifices speed for a sheer massive boost in damage and power.
-Gravity Hammer can pull and knock enemies in or out.
-Getting caught in a Destroyer’s skill will guarantee death!




-A class that uses a variety of short and medium range spells depending on the situation.
-Wields various Arcana cards and delivers swift damage.
-Arcana draws random cards from their deck to attack.
-The card drawn is random and it can be both good and bad.
-This can be dangerous and is what makes this class unique.




-Can summon various spirits, elementals, and ancient spirits.
-Has both normal and special summons.
-Is able to play the role of both a DPS or Tanker type of character.
-Can summon extremely power special summons when the Meter Gauge is max.
-I’m guessing these are similar to Bard Orb Gauges.




Looks awsome, right? Arcana I’ve noticed is one of the most popular classes among chatty Lost Ark fans, and there’s definitely love for characters with BIG hammers like the Destroyer, and I can’t deny my love for Summoner classes.

And there you have it, it’s been far too long since we’ve heard news about Lost Ark, and even I was beginning to question just how much longer I can be patient for this game, but as long as they’re working on it and communicating with us, I personally can hold out awhile longer. Unfortunately we still have no date for CBT2 in S.Korea, and of course, no word yet on official plans to localize Lost Ark for other countries. Stay tuned though, we still have our reddit friend translating more info on the way!

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