Marvel Heroes 2016 “Biggest Update Ever” Causes Controversy


Marvel Heroes 2016 “Biggest Update Ever” Causes Controversy


January 19th marked the release of the long awaited “Biggest Update Ever” patch that promised to change a large number of things including but not limited Hero Power Updates, Item Update, Omega System Update: The Infinity System, and the Personal Difficulty Slider. And while the developers were surely expecting some mixed feelings, turns out, the community is overwhelmingly against the changes as seen on the forums the past week and the updated recent reviews on Steam  that show a “Mostly Negative” score as of this blog. So what’s the problem?

Well according to the large amounts of comments that I read, I sifted through the rage and “You ruined the game!” posts to find a few repeating complaints. The first one being the changes to the characters powers and rebalancing as a whole seems to leave a lot of players feeling like they’ve been nerfed hard. Not just the relative power players feel, but the uniqueness and design of their characters strengths and weaknesses seems to have been lost.

Here’s a highly rated post I found on Steam saying “All of the time and effort I have spent min maxing my characters and finding fun builds to play is gone. Every character now functions exactly the same as every other character. Builds may be more diverse, but it doesn’t matter because they are all equally terrible. Every piece of loot I have scraped together took a nerf.”

As one player put it in criticism about the changes to gear, without new content to get it from – “They’re adding new tiers of artifacts, new slot 1-5 gear, new costume cores – pretty much the only items you won’t replace are legendaries, insignias and rings. This has been justified by Asros as “all mmo’s do gear resets, this is normal”. Here’s the problem: When other MMO’s do this, they also introduce new content in which to obtain said gear. You can farm the same old content for the same old items but when they actually manage to release these new items, which will also be farmed in the same old content, anything we have now will be rendered inferior. Why would we play a game knowing full well the items we’re receiving are imminently useless, and the new items will be farmed from the exact same content that we’re farming now?”

Finally a third common complaint I read was about the nerf to movement, specifically teleporting that many players felt were central to their characters theme and powers. Nightcrawler being a good example of a character that can and should be able to teleport on demand to the place of his choosing. These characters teleportation skill has now been restricted by a Charge System. “My favorite Marvel character is Nightcrawler. His teleportation in the game actually worked like his teleportation in the comics – something that no other game had ever done. This has all changed with the new update. He is limited to 5 teleports now… and a cooldown. And he can’t even teleport to where you have the mouse pointed on the screen. He goes like 5 feet. WTF?”

This barely scratches the surface of the complaints and frustrations I’ve read over there, and that’s just from Steam! A lot of players are pointing out other things that suggest these changes are in preparation for a dumbed-down console release. Even harsher claims that these new systems have driven the game into a Pay to Win realm. And in my opinion, that’s when the red flags are really flying as a warning and will discourage a lot of new players from trying the game, and are quoted as part of the reason many players are apparently quitting after this update.

Of course a lot of forums will see their share of “That’s it, I quit!” reactions to game changes. Hopefully for the Marvel Heroes 2016 devs, they can quickly identify the biggest complaints and make adjustments to ease the community. And it seems they’re keen to do that now with a call for feedback today on what players think of the “Biggest Update Ever!” now on their social media pages.

You can visit here for the official site and details on this controversial update

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