MU Legend 1st Beta Date and Announcement Trailer


MU Legend 1st Beta Date and Announcement Trailer


Webzen, publisher for MU Legend global has just announced that the first global Beta Test (CBT) for MU Legend starts 25th of October 2016. No info specific to any restrictions if any there will be on leveling and the features in the game. But hopefully we can get most of, if not all of the content they have planned for release available for testing.

Interesting enough is that October 25th is not at the start of a weekend, it’s on a Tuesday. This could mean we’ll have possibly a week or more instead of what many games offer, a Friday to Sunday beta testing period. I’m sure they will let us know more soon about what’s available and for how long we will have access to try the game.

UPDATE: The CBT dates are set fro Oct 25 – Nov 7

MU Legend will be a Free to Play game. No word yet on what exactly they will be doing to monetize the game, but it will most likely fall in the usual style of an in-game cash shop, premium subscription (optional), or perhaps both.

For more information and to sign up for the 1st beta test, visit the official site I’ll also be doing more gameplay and guides for MU Legend so be sure to keep an eye on my YouTube channel and here at!

For a quick rundown on what MU Legend offers, definitely check out my First Look, and Skill System videos!


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