MU Legend Beta Key Giveaways!


MU Legend Beta Key Giveaways!


As mentioned in my most recent blog related to MU Legend, closed beta test 2 will start February, 21st and will feature a huge jump in support for more western languages. Not only that, but we’ll also be able to continue right where we left off in CBT1 progress!

If you haven’t tried MU Legend, you should! Combining fast ARPG gameplay, and rich with MMO features, MU Legend is getting a head-start of it’s competition in this hybrid genre. If you haven’t even seen any gameplay yet, well you know who’s got you covered, right? 😉 Check out the video above for a sweet trailer and also be sure to check out my YouTube Playlist of all the current available classes. Each video talks about what the classes are like to play, as well as general impressions of MU Legend!

Below here on this page are just one batch of keys I’m giving away that gives access to the coming beta.

PLEASE NOTE that if you played in the previous closed beta, you don’t need a key again! You are auto invited again for each beta from here on!


If you missed a chance to grab one of these keys, fret not fellow gamers, I’ll be giving more away very soon via my social networks in the coming days. And if you can’t wait, lots of websites are doing beta keys right now around the web. Massively OP and have them so grab them while you can!

For more MU Legend and other ARPG/RPG news, gameplay, and geek fun, be sure to check out my YouTube channel and keep your eyes on my social networks Twitter and Facebook!

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