New Devotion Constellations and Upgrades Coming In Grim Dawn Xpac


New Devotion Constellations and Upgrades Coming In Grim Dawn Xpac

Zantai, designer and community manager on the official Grim Dawn forums has once again graced us with a preview of new features coming in the future expansion for Grim Dawn. If you’ve played enough Grim Dawn, knew there was an expansion pack on the way, you probably saw this coming like I did. Not only are new constellations coming for our characters, making way for new ways to create builds, but existing celestial procs will also reach new levels of power! Here’s more on that, and some sweet images to give you an idea of what’s the come!


“We return with another Grim Misadventure! Today, we are returning to the Devotion skies, to discover just what the Arkovian gods shall bestow upon you.

Previously, we revealed that the expansion will feature 14 new Devotion Constellations. What we did not tell you though is that something is also coming to existing Constellations. Every Celestial Proc in the game will be receiving 5 more ranks, allowing them to reach even greater limits of power!

Adding to that, of the 14 new Constellations, 8 will feature brand new Celestial Procs as well, for even more options when battling the fiends of the void and the aether.

Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming Celestial Procs!

As always, what you see may change before its final debut, whether numerically or visually. Numbers on tooltips are scaled based on equipped gear and will increase with skill rank.

Alladrah’s Phoenix
”A faithful pet of the gods, the Phoenix of Alladrah blazes a trail across the starry sky. “

Alladrah’s Phoenix shields you with its fiery feathers, rebuking blows and incinerating all that come too near.

Attak Seru, the Mirage
”Attak Seru was the matron of spellweaving, the protector of those daring enough to wield magic. All Arkovian rituals had the symbol of Attak Seru inscribed within the runic circle for precaution; but not even her wards were enough to stave off the effects of the necromancer’s curse.”

Attak Seru grants you the power known as Arcane Current. This clever rune appears on the ground near your foes and rapidly launches streams of arcane energy that damage enemies in a line

Ultos, Shepherd of Storms
”Ultos was the lesser of his celestial brethren in Arkovian lore, but nevertheless remained a powerful symbol, for it was his rains that allowed the harvest to grow and his lightning that caused unspeakable destruction. Somewhat ironically given his status, Ultos is the only Arkovian god whose worship endured beyond the fall of the empire.”

The hand of Ultos conjures lightning from your very being, which then cascades across the vast legions of your enemies.

Vire, the Stone Matron
”Commonly depicted in Arkovian lore as the matron of the gods, and thus the mightiest, the Stone Matron represented Cairn itself, the fortitude and strength of stone, unmoving against even the greatest odds.”

Vire conjures a stone fist from the very earth to retaliate against any foe that strikes you, turning them to stone.

Four more Celestial procs await you in the expansion. Those you will have to discover for yourself later this year!

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 07/24/2017 for our next development update!” – Zantai, Grim Dawn forums

5 more levels of power for existing constellations, and 14 new constellations containing 8 new procs? Sounds pretty sweet! You know what would be even sweeter Zantai? A release date! 😀 Seriously though, even if it’s still 4 months away, I’d like to know a date, but I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for that. Till then, there’s more Grim Dawn here on my site and on my YouTube channel!


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