Quick Recap of Diablo 3 News from Blizzcon 2016


Quick Recap of Diablo 3 News from Blizzcon 2016


By now you’ve all heard of the news for Necromancer, new areas, and the new yearly Diablo 1 anniversary event that will take place in Diablo 3 with “Glorious Retrovision” which still makes me laugh a little every time I hear or say that. Sadly all this news conflicted with my plans to be on vacation, otherwise you know I would have been one of the first people on YouTube, Twitter, and here on GameplayPlus.com talking about it. But it’s never to late to get started!

While Blizzcon 2016 and the 20th Anniversary won’t go down as the event that made us “lose our shit”, it still held enough interesting reveals to keep most players interest in the things to come for Diablo 3. No new expansion announced, and few expected one, but neither a Diablo 2 HD or Diablo 4 tease strangely enough. Blizzard is keeping very quiet still about these reveals it seems so for now, we’ll have to enjoy the updates to come for Reaper of Souls.

Here’s my recap of what’s coming in the near future, and later in 2017!

Firstly, we are getting a new class: The Necromancer. Thematically similar to the Necro from Diablo 2, we will be seeing this new class as part of a paid content pack which will come with some additional goodies; including character slots and stash tabs. Price is still to be determined, however my personal guess would be somewhere around $20. Release is currently slated for second half-ish of 2017.


  • One-handed Scythes will be the Necromancer’s class weapon type, likely to be paired with a special off-hand, just like Wizards and Witch Doctors.
  • They will have access to new Sets and Legendaries, specifically tailored to them.
  • The Necromancer will have less than 4 Sets at release, to leave room for the community to come up with new playstyles and have those added onto new sets.
  • The Necromancer’s resource is called Essence and caps out at 200. It does not regenerate automatically, but is only gained from skills.
  • Necromancers will also be able to use Monsters’ Corpses for many of their skills.
  • The Necromancer’s main stat will be Intelligence.
  • Known Spells: (Keep in mind that they’re in a very early version)
    • Bone Spear – 20 Essence. Summon a piercing Bone Projectile that causes 450% weapon damage as physical to all enemies it passes through.
    • Siphon Blood – Channeled. Generate 15 Essence each time damage is dealt. Siphon the Blood from the targeted enemy dealing 300% weapon damage as physical. Siphon Blood heals you for 2% of your total health every second while channeled.
    • Command skeletons – 50 Essence. Active: Command your skeletal minions to attack the target and increase their damage by 100% for 5 seconds. Passive: Raise skeletons from the ground every second. Skeletal minions deal 50% weapon damage per attack.
    • Blood Rush – 4 second cooldown. Shed your mortal flash and reappear up to 50 yards away, passing through most obstacles.
    • Corpse Explosion – Target an area, exploding all corpses within 20 yards dealing 150% weapon damage as physical.
    • Decrepify – 10 Essence. A crippling curse that reduces the enemies’ movement speed by 75% and reduces damage done by 20%.
    • Blood Golem – Will also be Active/Passive, allowing you to directly command it.
    • Army of the Dead – Summons over a hundred skeletons to instantly attack an area.



Second, coming in Patch 2.4.3 (which is hitting the PTR sometime this week), is the Diablo anniversary event. Built to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Diablo, The Darkening of Tristram is a recreation of Diablo 1 built within Diablo 3, allowing players to relive the 16 level dungeon of Diablo 1 with some nostalgic aesthetics. Along with the anniversary event, each class will be getting another specific legendary. The Mystic is getting a Dye tab, allowing you to add the dye color you want in a seamless workflow while doing your transmogs. Legendary Gems can be leveled faster; If you complete a GR without dieing, you will get an extra 4th roll (or 5th if you empower) to level up your gem. Look for this to release in January.

Have you ever seen someone using a particular build and wanted to try it out for yourself? Starting next year, you’ll be able to do just that – and you won’t even have to gear up for it either!
Challenge Rifts are an upcoming feature which snapshot an actual player’s build from the game each week and let everyone take it for a spin in a static dungeon. If you’ve been hoping for a way to discover new builds while racing to beat your previous personal best in Greater Rifts, this is your chance.

We are finally getting a gear and build saver–the Armory. Allows you to save 5 different build and gear sets per class and remembers all of your gems but not the specific levels of them. That means that if you have a rank 40 Bane of the Trapped and upgrade it to 43, the Armory will remember that you have a Bane of the Trapped, and choose the highest rank of it. This also applies to regular gems. Will not remember Paragon points due to the rate that they change.

Next, Seasons are coming to consoles. Beginning with Season 10, PS4 and XboxOne players will be able to take part in seasons, earning the same rewards as PC players. With console there is always the concern of cheaters, and Blizzard is hopeful that they will be able to keep the leaderboards from being filled with them, but they have no specifics to share as to how.


There are more places to see in Sanctuary, and you’ll soon be discovering a few of these in Adventure Mode which come with their own new Bounties and events. The desolate, fog-enshrouded Moors have been occupied by armies and empires over time. Beneath them lies the Temple of the Firstborn – a place of evil unlike anything you’ve seen before. Catch a glimpse of these two new areas below, and look forward to exploring them next year.

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And that’s just the beginning of things coming in late 2016-2017. There’s actually quite a bit more they told us about, and also some things they strangely didn’t mention. Like for example the graphics upgrade to Diablo 3 through new options for Antialiasing and SSAO shadow rendering. If you haven’t seen my latest Blizzcon Diablo 3 reactions video, check it out!


So there you have it! A quick and dirty recap of what’s good from Blizzcon 2016 for Diablo fans. As I’ve said in the video, it’s disappointing there weren’t bigger announcements, especially considering it was the 20th anniversary, but there’s also no doubt in my mind that Blizzard is working on VERY big things for Diablo fans. They are hiring for Diablo 2 HD, and most likely hiring for a Diablo 4 which means it’s only a matter of time. For now, I plan to have fun with the upcoming anniversary event and am very excited for the release of Necromancer!

For more info on Diablo 3 from Blizzcon, check out the official recap page on the Diablo 3 site here. And as always, keep an eye open on GamePlayPlus.com for more Diablo and ARPGs!



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