Signature Skills To Offer New Ways to Customize Builds – Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem


Signature Skills To Offer New Ways to Customize Builds – Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen Studio has recently written a lengthy post on their upcoming alpha patch to include Signature Skills. These new skills are intended to bring the kind of skills you would expect from certain class types, without relying on RNG to unlock them. “This is important for us, as it give you a quick way to use weapons and techniques that fit your build and your play style… It would feel weird to specialize into a Necromancer without owning undead-summoning spells because you don’t have the right books.”

Some of the first Signature Skills to be included in the update are Ironguard, Spellbinder, Infiltration, Hunting Ground, and Battle Art. They act very differently than other skills acquired by looted books or passives found in the skill tree system. “They don’t have their own Active Skill Tree like regular spells. You won’t be able to level them up and choose variants at level tiers. However, their level is equal to your level when you use them and the sections that contain them will also bear different nodes that can affect them in many ways, so you can still improve them or modify the way they work.”

Signature Skills seem to have as deep, and as important a role to play as the skills learned from books for our characters. But how far you take them, if at all is up to the player. Each Signature Skill will offer a number of modifiers you can unlock to completely change the way the Signature Skill works. Or if they don’t fit your dream build, they can be ignored completely. “It will be your choice whether you should invest deeply in the tree to get a more powerful version of the spell, take it in its simpler form and use your points elsewhere, or even not unlock it if you deem it useless for your character.”

I’m very interested to experiment with these new Signature Skills in the future patch. Any good ARPG needs strong customization including but not limited to equipment, stats, and skills to let players tinker with their build ideas. It’s nice to see Wolcen Studio spin skill designs on their head to create fun new ways to theory craft builds.

For all the details on this new alpha feature, check out the full article on the official Wolcen blog page. For more news on Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem and other kickass ARPGs, keep a bookmark of! Also check out my YouTube content, Twitch streams, Twitter and Facebook, and consider supporting me through Patreon to help cover the costs of this ad free website! 😉

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