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Where Are These Games and When Will This Site Finally Kickoff?

What’s up everybody, Kinetic here I wanted to touch on the subject of the site itself here and update on what is taking so long with more news articles. About a year ago I revised my ideas for my YouTube […]


Seasons Arrive on Console for Diablo 3

At long last, console players that have been waiting since the announcement of Seasons being added during Blizzcon need wait no longer! Blizzard has just revealed the details on how Playstation and Xbox players can race to the top, and […]


Quick Recap of Diablo 3 News from Blizzcon 2016

By now you’ve all heard of the news for Necromancer, new areas, and the new yearly Diablo 1 anniversary event that will take place in Diablo 3 with “Glorious Retrovision” which still makes me laugh a little every time I […]