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Where Are These Games and When Will This Site Finally Kickoff?

What’s up everybody, Kinetic here I wanted to touch on the subject of the site itself here and update on what is taking so long with more news articles. About a year ago I revised my ideas for my YouTube […]


New Devotion Constellations and Upgrades Coming In Grim Dawn Xpac

Zantai, designer and community manager on the official Grim Dawn forums has once again graced us with a preview of new features coming in the future expansion for Grim Dawn. If you’ve played enough Grim Dawn, knew there was an […]


Grim Dawn Reveals New Necromancer Mastery

Words cannot express how hyped I am for this. I won’t even hide it, Grim Dawn has been with both feet on board the hype train! I wish I could be one of those that are saying “Hah! I knew […]


Grim Dawn Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary Sale! 50% Off!

One of the best examples of great ARPG gameplay is on sale right now for 50% off. Grim Dawn’s first birthday is being celebrated with a great sale and this statement shared around the web including their social media. To […]


Grim Dawn New Expansion Feature: Illusionist!

Grim Dawn has given exactly what we were all hoping would come in the future expansion, an Illusionist, or as many call it who play WoW or Diablo 3, a transmog feature! Details are as follows from Zentai senpai on […]


Grim Dawn Patch V1.0.0.8 and Quality of Life Improvements

Patch V1.0.0.8: Qualities of Life is Now Live! “The latest update to Grim Dawn brings you new Legendaries to the Steps of Torment and Bastion of Chaos roguelike dungeons as well as some great new quality of life tech features. […]


Grim Dawn Expansion “Common” Armor Preview

Grim Dawn talks more about expansion and a quick look at new armor this week on the official forums. I’ve been getting deeper into the core game over the past few weeks while also keeping an eye on the news […]


Grim Dawn – New Legendary Items and Class Updates Arrive

Crate Entertainment has just updated Grim Dawn with the latest patch that includes a large number of new Legendary items, skill updates for classes, and numerous balances and fixes to improve the experience. This is a short, highlighted list of […]


Grim Dawn talks free content updates and first expansion

Crate Entertainment, the developers of Grim Dawn just relaunched their “Grim Misadventures” news blog for releasing info about what’s in development for the game. In this first news release they touch on free content coming soon in patch updates, talk […]