MU Legend Announces “Frontier Packs” and Premium Service Monetization Plan

MU Legend has completed a stress-test event to test their server stability for the upcoming Open Beta Test set to start from November 7th. Soon after the test, Webzen took to their Facebook page to announce their “Frontier Packs” aka […]


MU Legend Struggles With More Delays

It’s been only hours since I wrote and posted about game delays, and here we have another delayed game that’s already been delayed before, Mu Legend. Posted on Facebook, here’s what Webzen had to say about their new November date […]


Lost Ark News Update and Reactions – July 2017

At last! Some news from the developers of Lost Ark! It’s been known that the devs been working hard to make improvements since CBT1 and preparing for a 2nd CBT, summer 2017. And now we finally have info on what’s […]


MU Legend – New MMOARPG! Blader CBT2 Gameplay Impressions + Beta Key Giveaway!

  CBT2 is here and I’ve got more gameplay and keys for you! My main goal here in CBT2 will be to get Blader to max level to experience as much “endgame” activity as I can. In future beta tests, […]


MU Legend Beta Key Giveaways!

  As mentioned in my most recent blog related to MU Legend, closed beta test 2 will start February, 21st and will feature a huge jump in support for more western languages. Not only that, but we’ll also be able […]


Marvel Heroes 2016 “Biggest Update Ever” Causes Controversy

  January 19th marked the release of the long awaited “Biggest Update Ever” patch that promised to change a large number of things including but not limited Hero Power Updates, Item Update, Omega System Update: The Infinity System, and the […]


Albion Online Introduces New Biome Cities

Game Director Robin Henkys has returned to showcase some big changes to the highly anticipated sandbox MMORPG, Albion Online. A big part of the games delay we were told is that the developers want to create more variety in landscapes […]


Last Batch (For Now) Revelation Online Beta Key Giveaway!

Below are the last of the Closed Beta Key I have for now for Revelation Online! I’ve given out a few dozen of these now through my Twitter and Facebook pages. This time I wanted to just throw the last […]


What to expect from MU Legend CBT2

MU Legend recently announced after a long hiatus that there will be a second closed beta test running for one week from February 21st until the 28th. This one week test’s focus is for the developers of the global release […]


Guardians of Ember: Beta Date, Iron Man Mode, and Housing Demo Details

A few notable pieces of news have come out recently for Guardians of Ember, a hack and slash ARPG made in Taiwan that is now being localized for the west. According to the official Guardians of Ember Facebook page, the […]