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Path of Exile PC Vs XBox One – What’s the difference?

“Our philosophy here is trying to bring a hardcore PC game to the Xbox to find the hardcore Xbox players, as opposed to ‘dumbing it down’ (as people say) to make it appropriate for what they perceive console players to […]


Where Are These Games and When Will This Site Finally Kickoff?

What’s up everybody, Kinetic here I wanted to touch on the subject of the site itself here and update on what is taking so long with more news articles. About a year ago I revised my ideas for my YouTube […]


Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath Trailer and Details

Grinding Gear Games just dropped a megaton bombshell with a trailer for a barrage of new content coming for Path of Exile fans! Check out the trailer and details from the new promo page here! EDIT: Just watched the trailers […]


Announcements of Announcments for Path of Exile Coming Soon!

Grinding Gear Games has been working hard on not just new content that we’ve seen, but a lot of new content and big changes to Path of Exile that has yet to be seen. It’s no secret that they have […]


What is Path of Exile Breach League? Gameplay Trailer and Info

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect from the new Breach Challenge League coming to Path of Exile December 3rd! “Challenge Leagues offer both a fresh start in a new economy and a twist on Path of Exile gameplay […]


Path of Exile: Patch Nerfs and Other Changes Mid-League

In a surprise move, Grinding Gear Games developer of Path of Exile releases a large number of “balance” changes to the game in the middle of the league. This stirred up a lot of controversy around the forums and Reddit […]