What is Path of Exile Breach League? Gameplay Trailer and Info


What is Path of Exile Breach League? Gameplay Trailer and Info

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect from the new Breach Challenge League coming to Path of Exile December 3rd!

“Challenge Leagues offer both a fresh start in a new economy and a twist on Path of Exile gameplay with new risks and rewards. The Breach league features 40 challenges and three exclusive new microtransactions you can earn as you complete them.”

According to game designer Chris Wilson, “Breach is the largest Challenge League we’ve done, and that’s important because there’s a lot of content to chew on over the Christmas period, which is a time when people play games more than they normally do – or at least our players do”.


While playing in the Breach Challenge League, players will randomly encounter a Breach, which is a tear in reality with Breach monsters, chests and bosses. Breaches will only last for 30 seconds, but you can extend that period to 60 seconds by killing as many monsters and fast as you can – a process which expands the borders of the Breach itself, potentially uncovering more loot as it grows. Extending the time that the Breach is open will also summon stronger enemies, upping the challenge in exchange for higher drop-rates of unique items.


Breaches come in five different flavours: Fire, Cold, Lightning, Physical and Chaos. Each of the elemental Breach types has its own monsters, bosses, effects and unique items, as well as a Breachlord and his domain to pursue over the course of the Challenge League. A Breachlord can appear at random whenever you open a Breach and will relentlessly hunt you down, dealing massive damage in order to make your Breach attempt as difficult as possible. Of course Breachlords also drop great loot, but they can’t be killed unless you gain access to their Domain directly, which you can only do by acquiring a Breachstone.


In order to get a Breachstone you’ll need to accumulate 100 Splinters of the same Breach type. You won’t know what type of Breach you’re opening until you’re activate it – this means avoiding common Breach types in favour of the rare types simply isn’t an option.

“Content Update 2.5.0 includes the release of our new 64-bit Path of Exile client that uses DirectX 11. It’s a lot faster than the previous version and includes technical improvements such as new fog and cloth physics systems.”

“Our December update includes the Breach Challenge Leagues, dozens of new items, and many other improvements such as a new DirectX 11, 64-bit renderer!”

“Alongside the Breach league and the new renderer, this update also includes many other changes such as piles of new Unique items, a new Channelling Support Gem, Unique Golem Jewels, a revamped Forsaken Master levelling experience (with many usability improvements) and graphical improvements to early Act One areas.”

Hyped for the new Breach Challenge League? Keep an eye on my YouTube channel as I’ll be giving my impressions and leveling a new build for the new patch and league! Also be sure to check back here at GamePlayPlus.com for more ARPG news and guides!

Source Pcgamesn, Official Path of Exile

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