What to expect from MU Legend CBT2


What to expect from MU Legend CBT2

MU Legend recently announced after a long hiatus that there will be a second closed beta test running for one week from February 21st until the 28th. This one week test’s focus is for the developers of the global release to get feedback on the additional languages available this time around.

“Unlike the initial closed beta, people from all around the world will now be able to unravel the mysteries of the continent of MU in the following languages: English, French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish and Polish” – MU Legend on Facebook

“Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at WEBZEN, commented: “The first closed beta was a massive success, with great community engagement and the collection of precious game-related data.” He continued: “It’s now time to go one step further in the publishing of the global version of MU Legend and to please our fans worldwide with a multi-language CBT. This will allow both existing and new players to enjoy the MU Legend experience to its fullest! We highly encourage everybody who did not participate in first global test due to language limitation to sign up now! Last but not least, we are excited to exclusively announce additional media partner key-giveaways in early February in order to make our precious global fans happy!”

A surprise for me came with the announcement also that there will not be a data wipe (aka character wipe) from the first test a few months back “in order to allow players from every level bracket to participate during the week.” Great news for players who really just want to continue where they left off on their previous closed beta experience!

This news connects well with what I read in the comments when someone asked if they would be invited again for CBT2 since they were in CBT1 and MU Legend replied with “If you played CBT1, you are automatically in for CBT2, no need for a new key.”

And if you were wondering about any new content available for testing or changes to the previous CBT test, MU Legend replied “no change in the contents apart from localisation, the extra content will be added to OBT.”

With a significant time between CBT1 and the upcoming CBT2, clearly the additional languages added to MU Legend have been a lot of work for the developers to implement into the game. And while it did suck to wait this long, the multi-language support is great for the game community so I fully support it.

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