Where Are These Games and When Will This Site Finally Kickoff?


Where Are These Games and When Will This Site Finally Kickoff?

What’s up everybody, Kinetic here

I wanted to touch on the subject of the site itself here and update on what is taking so long with more news articles. About a year ago I revised my ideas for my YouTube channel and this site to be steered more toward ARPGs. It’s a genre that I’ve had a lot of experience with as a gamer, and am comfortable to make content with. At the time, I was highly anticipating games like Lost Ark, Lineage Eternal, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, Grim Dawn expansion, MU Legend, Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, Path of Exile updates, Guardians of Ember, and even the heavily rumored (but sadly nonexistent) Diablo 3 expansion. A lot of those game releases or updates still haven’t happened unfortunately. It’s quite a shock and rather depressing to be honest.

Who could have predicted for example that following the November 2014 showing of the incredible Lost Ark trailer, that we would still be waiting this many years for a release even for Korea! Which isn’t to say these delays are bad. It clearly means that developers for games like Lost Ark and Wolcen are very serious about making the best games they can for us. Which I understand and respect a lot. Too many games of recent memory have launched into a pool of disappointment for fans. And rarely if ever do these games truly recover from a poor launch.

Diablo 3’s poor launch and RMA design left permanent damage

Still, all these delays and disappointments have a severe impact on sites like mine that wish to play and talk about these games more. And an even more devastating effect on sites that center around a single game like LostArkDatabase.com. I can’t blame delays entirely for the lack of content on this site. I’ve definitely missed some opportunities to post about an update here or there about some things. But the overall lack of progress with releases and updates is certainly wearing even on my patience. And judging from the comments around social media sites following games like Lost Ark, MU Legend, and a few others, I’m not the only one losing patience.

I don’t want this to sound like doom and gloom though. Big things are happening and we’re clearly on the cusp on some more major releases and new waves of beta tests. Path of Exile has recently had huge success with their fresh 3.0 update Fall of Oriath as well as launching on XBox One. Lost Ark has launched a new site and is taking applications for it’s second closed beta test. Wolcen is making huge leaps in features. MU Legend open beta starts in September open beta in November. And Grim Dawn is aiming to release it’s Ashes of Malmouth expansion sometime “later this year”. So things are looking good and we just have to have a little more patience.

This summer! Errr September! Wait….Nov…Winter is coming!

Once things do start really rolling with game releases/updates, I’ll have new posts here on GamePlayPlus.com on a more regular basis! Till then, stay up to date with all my YouTube content, Twitch streams, posts on Twitter and Facebook, and consider supporting me through Patreon to help cover the costs of this ad free website! 😉

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